Nackt Up

by Bergman

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Guitar/Vocals - Shane McLaughlin
Saxophone - Roger Romero
Piano - Andy Wang
Bass - John Corbett
Drums - Jakob Uhlenhopp

Design - Lindsay Corey

Produced by Bergman

Recording Engineer - Jesse Soracco

Mixing and Mastering - Jesse Soracco


released February 21, 2015



all rights reserved


Bergman Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Hot Lips
Waiting, waiting for you to come my way
Listen up, do you hear what I say
Don't leave me lonely, don't set me free
Just come here, sit down on my knee

Now that I've found you I wont let you go
I need you baby, don't be so cold
This time around we've got to sink or see it through
So let me show you what our love can do

For so long, I've been trying
To get next to you, ain't no denying
I want your love and I can not lie
Got me wild and crazy every night
Track Name: Jennifer
Waves of her hair wrapped around her face
Making conversation while in my mind her silhouette I trace
Your love, smooth like a dark red wine
Your love, Lord above could be divine

Girl you must be tired
Running through my mind all day
Got a heart made of fire she's wild
Gives me sweet soulful loving, she dont play

I tried to hide it, tried to pretend
But it always finds its way back again
Your love, is never second best
Your love, revs me up cant get no rest

But there's envy and jealousy softly burning in the back of my mind
I know the part of your heart that's crazy could be stolen, swept away before my eyes
Track Name: What You Love
Up again till the sunrise
Watch the light fall in the room
I was working on a dream of mine
But they say its not safe to chase the moon

I reply with a shrug of my shoulders and say
Tell me what's the use of living if you ain't living for today

It can make a day so long
But I do it just the same
They say son you're chasing waterfalls
You'll never get ahead that way

It's like a pure rush of ecstasy
Flowing through me like a river strong
Hard to explain such a feeling
When they ask me is it worth it for the songs

Taken over by the day by day
Tell me how you waste your time
Do you do what you love
Come on tell me that you're trying